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Top 5 Killer Apps for Bloggers

In recent past blogging has grown to some moderate extent . New bloggers are coming out and as Blogging always needs a regular content update and regular monitoring of performance , my toady’s article where in i am going to share some blogging apps may help you create some quality content easily and will also help you to keep track of your performance. There are plenty of tools available online but  these are my personal favourites and  I will also recommend you to use them . These are the tools you should have to improve  your blog’s performance and create content with great effectiveness. I have listed 5 top apps for blogger which will improve how you work on your blog. So let’s move along . .


1.HootSuite :

Hootsuite is a social media communication dashboard to manage all your social accounts. It allows you to update your tweets , post automatically. It works on Facebook, twitter , google+ , LinkedIn and many more social networking websites. It also helps you track all your social activities.

Hoot suite
Hoot suite


2.Optimizely :

It is simple and yet one of the most powerful tool to optimize your webpage . Optimizely is an AB test service which optimizes your web pages using different metrics . Optimizely makes it easy to measure and improve your website through AB testing . If you are not familiar with AB testing  then let me just explain you in one line that it creates variation of a given page , so that you can make the required changes and track the performances. So if you are about to change your website design then do have a look on optimizely first . Try out different changes in optimizely and then go for the final design as you want.



3.WebPageTest :

If you tried Optimizely then now do not forget to test you website performance using WebPageTest. It’s an awesome tool and my favourite to test  blog or  website performance like speed , CSS code errors, image loading time , Html errors etc . After testing a blog or website it provides a complete test report . So that you can figure out the error and debug it. It’s free to use. So do check it out .


web page test
web page test

4.Poll Daddy: 

Poll and surveys are the easiest way to know  what your user wants? What are their likes and dislikes and to find out some more details about them. And trust me on this polling is a great way  of marketing . So anyway what PollDaddy Is ? It’s simply an online App which help you create surveys and Polls which can be placed on your blog or on your social profiles and if you are a WordPress user it’s really easy to setup .It supports a wide range of platform. They provide a free account so you can always check that out , if you like it you can upgrade it anytime later. They provide some wide features like selection of different skins, real time reporting of results , ability to insert html code etc.

Poll daddy

Poll daddy


5.Ginger :

Now this is my real favourite 😛  ..Do you know why ? Coz  I do lot of spelling and  grammatical mistakes 😛 and this software helps me out to correct them. So now you might have got an idea about the software . Yes you get it right this software helps you correct your spelling mistake and also helps you create a grammatical error free sentence . It’s a must need app for a blogger and if you are weak in grammar like me then you can’t just escape it . Ginger is an intelligent spell checker software for Blogger .It is said to be an intelligent spell checker as it goes beyond the normal spelling checks and provides an intended meaning of your written sentence .It’s free to use the only thing you need to make this work is the ‘Internet’ ; yes you need internet to use ginger otherwise it won’t work .So I would say this is the only demerit it has else it’s an awesome spell checker.

Ginger software
Ginger software



So these are the blogging apps i would recommend to you . Use them and let me know if it helped you in any manner .


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