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Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Your Android Phone

The most outstanding thing of an android phone is it’s customizing power. Probably this is the main reason android is so famous among the people and it’s not that harder to customize an android phone coz it provides you with wide variety of apps to make maximum out of your android phone. You think of an app and you get it in Google Play store .  So if you want to customize your android phone and want to take it to the next level you will probably need an Android launcher . Android Launchers are the apps which gives you more functionality with more customizing power to customize your homescreen or widgets basically it replaces the stock home screen with the customized one. So lets discuss about some of the best android launchers we have right now in the market . The list will include Free as well as Paid Launchers.  I am ranking them from my personal experience so liking may vary from person to person.

List of  Best Android Launchers

1.Go launcher :

Go launcher
Go launcher

Go launcher is one of the best Android launchers available right now and to be true it’s my personal favorite . Why it’s my favorite ? coz it provide me with hell lot of features which any of free launchers doesn’t provide. You can add variety of transitions to your homescreen. As a matter of fact it’s the most famous Free Android launcher. You can download 1000’s of themes for your go launcher and customize your homescreen as you want . In go launcher You get 3 tabs in your app drawer i.e All, Recent , Running and using running tab you can directly close the app you want .  Isn’t that great ?

Install/Download Go launcher from play store 


2. ADW Launcher

adw launcher

I am putting this launcher in number 2 as like go launcher it’s free and gives an adequate amount of customization functionality. Though it have paid version too which is called ADW launcher EX. But nonetheless you can get too many features in free version too. ADWLauncher EX has five different app drawer styles you can choose from.You can add unlimited shortcut on your home screen using this launcher and you can rename it too. If you want to try out the paid version then just go for it . I am sure you won’t be disappointed using this best android launchers .

Install/Download ADW launcher free Version 

 Buy and download ADW launcher Paid Version


3. Launcher Pro


Like ADW launcher , Launcher pro has two version too. One is launcher pro which is free and Other one is launcher pro plus. This launcher is light weighted ,smooth and really fast . The most exciting feature is it’s 3D app drawer . The difference between pro and pro plus is that you don’t get widgets in launcher pro i.e in free version. So if you want more customization with widgets then you ll have to lose some bucks out of your pocket

Install/Download Launcher Pro

 Buy and Download Launcher pro Plus

4.SPB Shell 3D

SPB Shell 3d android launcher
SPB Shell 3d

Now here comes one of the best looking Android launcher . It gives your android a whole new look . I have put SPB shell 3D in 4th number coz of it’s price , yes it’s quite expensive .If you compare the price of SPB shell 3d with other paid launchers it’s quite high . But nevertheless it’s still manageable if you want something out of the box . SPB shell gives you phone a nice 3D look . The homescreen the docks everything is just so perfect. You can say it flawless. One thing you need to install and get this launcher work perfectly for you is high end device with good processor though it’s not necessary but it will perform better if you have one . So do read reviews before buying it . Read the reviews to see if it’s compatible with your device or not.

Buy and Download SPB Shell 3D 


5. MXHome Launcher


This is the new Launcher available in play store. I included it in best android launchers list coz of it’s 3D effect . It has some nice sound and graphics effects which gives your android home screen an elegant look . Unlike go launcher or ADW launcher it has some limited themes available, one of the best theme available is Blue Watch .

Install /Download MXHome launcher


So these are some of the best android launchers available right now. There are lot many other launchers available too  iLauncher  , Launcher 7 , TSF Shell Etc. So try any of them or try all of them and let us know through your comment which one did you like the most .

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