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Toggle alerts in Skype chats easily

Do you use skype quite often?  Are you getting frustrated by unnecessary blips and beeps for new messages?

Well Skype is good platform to be in contact with family members,co-workers and friends but sometimes getting all the messages could be irritating.

That is the time where you can disable notifications for all chats but you might miss something important if you use Skype for your office or business chat.If you leave a group conversation then you won’t get all the older chats back later.But there is a way that will help you disable alerts for groups and individuals as well.However you will be notified if someone mention your name.

Here is how you will toggle alerts in Skype chats:

Toggling alerts:

  • First of all open the chat window( a group or individual) you want to disable alerts for.
  • Then type /alertsoff, then press Enter. No confirmation message will be popped or shown, but alerts for this chat are now disabled and no notification counters will appear on the Skype icon.
  • Simply type /alertson   to enable alerts for the chat again and you won’t get to see a confirmation message this time too.

Trigger word alerts:

You can set up trigger words that will still alert you when mentioned in the chat even if you have disabled alerts for a group chat or individual.

  • Type /alertson [yournamehere] to be notified and that time you will get to see your name highlighted.
  • There is option to expand this trigger.For that you will have to add some more words with spaces between them. So if your name is Sunil and you like talking about internet, you can use /alertson sunil internet .

Note: Mac users,you can use these commands, but according to Skype support these commands don’t work consistently.

Ain’t is easy to toggle alerts in Skype chat and concentrate on your task.

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