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How to Stop Auto Playing Videos in Your Browser

You must be noticing that most of the websites running auto play content when you open these websites up.This is more irritating when when you open up several tabs simultaneously, then if a website from those tabs plays video and you can’t identify that tab easily to stop playing video.

Today I am going to tell you how to stop auto playing videos when you are surfing.

Follow these steps:

Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome:

Step-1: If you are using Google chrome then first of all go to its setting.


Step-2: Next scroll down and select Show advanced settings.

Step-3: Go to Privacy section and click Content Settings.

Chrome content settings
Chrome content settings

Step-4: Scroll down to the Plug-ins section in the Content settings pop up window and select the Click to play option.

Now you can set auto playing videos from specific sites such as YouTube.You can add  particular domains not to play videos automatically.

Step-5: Click Done and you’ll find that the videos no longer auto play those used to be.

Stop Auto Playing Videos in Firefox:

Step-1: In case of Firefox, type about:config in the Address bar. Press Enter.

Step-2: In the pop-up window you will get a message that says “This might void your warranty!, click “I’ll be careful, I promise!.

Step-3: You will find a search box there,type click_to_play.

Click to play option
Click to play option

Step-4: The search result will give you a plugin. Set its value to False by double clicking on it and then close the window.

But here you won’t have the option to manage you will have to set the option manually for future use.

Stop Auto Playing Videos in Internet Explorer:

Step-1: If you are an Internet explorer user then you have to manage add-ons.For that open Internet Explorer and click the Cog wheel button at the top right of the screen and then choose Manage add-ons.

I.e manage add-ons
I.e manage add-ons

Step-2: In the Manage add-ons window, in the Add-on Types section, click the Show: drop-down list and select All add-ons.

View and manage add-ons
View and manage add-ons

Step-3: Next scroll down to the Shockwave Flash Object section, right click it and select More Information.

More information
More information

Step-4: There in the More Information window, click Remove all sites.

Remove all sites
Remove all sites

When you visit websites next those have auto play content then you will be asked to enable for that site.If you enable then it will be enabled for every time you visit instead of that session only.

So enjoy surfing without getting interrupted by auto playing videos from different websites.


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