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How to Report a Malicious Windows Phone App

Before few days Microsoft has done a spring cleaning and picked near about 1500 fake apps from its store and revised its policies with regards to such misleading and malicious apps.According to the certification requirements, the app needs to clearly reflect the functionality of the app, the apps need to be categorized according to their function and purpose and the app icons themselves should not closely resemble or be similar to other apps.While most developers have agreed to the revised terms, and some have removed their apps removed from the store who don’t want to go with the revised terms.Also Microsoft has given the word to refund the cost of such misleading apps downloaded by users and told users not to hesitate and report when they discover such fake and malicious Windows phone app using the links in the Store.


Today I’m gonna tell you how to report a Malicious Windows phone app.

Report a Malicious Windows phone app:

Report when you come across the following areas of concern.The content is offensive, there are concerns for child exploitation, there is spam content, there are technical issues such as crashes, performance issues and it affects battery life, or there are privacy concerns,


Then you will need to email Microsoft at with the following information.

  • The link to the Windows app on the Windows Store.
  • The Publisher name
  • The Windows phone app name
  • Mention the country or region you are reporting from. And clearly specify which parts of the app you wish to report in your email . For instance, it may be the app title that you found misleading or it may be the app icon, app description, or app content that was malicious.

Report a Malicious App on Windows Phone 8.1:

Windows Phone 8.1 also allows you to report malicious app. Have a look on the following steps to do that,

1.First of all open the app that you want to report. Swipe left and go to the Reviews screen.Again swipe left for the Details pane.

2.Scroll down and choose Report concern to Microsoft.

3.Select your area of concern from the options available and click Submit.


So never step back and report to Microsoft when you find an ambiguous and malicious Windows phone app.





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