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Make sure your online accounts gets deleted after your death

Not all of us want our online accounts to be managed by our relatives and friends or to be floated around on the Internet forever.For that you need to make some plans to deactivate or delete our social media accounts when you die.
Social media services like Google and Facebook allow you to set up your eventual account deletion before you become nearer to death.Rest sevices will keep your account live unless until they don’t get requests from your family member or the executor to delete.Here’s how to get done with deletion of social media accounts after your death.

In google you can choose what happens to your account if it inactive for certain time period.By setting up Google’s Inactive Account Manager you can delete your Google account and all products associated with it like Gmail,AdSense,YouTube and Blogger.

1.Login to your Google account and  navigate to  this page.Next provide your phone number to get alerts, you will get an alert message on you phone number before your account times out telling you your account is going to be inactive.Choose a timeout period (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, one year, 15 months, or 18 months).
2.Next you need to turn on Delete my account.Click Enable to turn the Inactive Account Manager on, and you’re done.Google will delete your Google account along with all data associated with that account if you don’t log in to your account for the timeout period mentioned in the step 1.


Facebook allows you to set a legacy contact so that one can manage your account or page when you pass away.It also allows you to delete your account after death.
1.Log into your Facebook and go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact. Check the box next to Account Deletion.
2.You will get a pop-up box asking if you really want to delete your account in the future.
3.Now click Delete After Death and then re-enter your Facebook password to save your changes.
Your account will be deleted when Facebook is notified that you are dead,means that if anybody tries to memorialize your page,it will be deleted instead of memorialized.

delete-after-death Facebook
delete-after-death Facebook

Unlike Google and Facebook,many sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, and Yahoo don’t have this facility to delete account after your death.But Perpetu,a digital legacy services which helps you to take full control on your accounts. Perpetu don’t delete the real account but if you connect your online accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Flickr, LinkedIn and GitHub to Perpetu you can set final wishes for each accounts.For example, you can request that Perpetu delete certain emails from your Gmail account, delete tweets and direct messages from Twitter, or delete files from your Dropbox account.


Perpetu’s service works when the company gets a report of your death from a trusted contact with your reporting code. It does sound good to take control on your accounts after your death.

Source: Cnet

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