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Link Building Factors – What to Look for in a New Link

If you really want to make money from your site or blog then SEO is the main key to get succeed.Am I right?Yes, I am right because you need a lots of traffic to your site which is possible by link building. The search engines allocate the trust and authority to a website or web page which is determined by the quality and quantity of the incoming links to that web page or website.So we should build a huge amount of high quality links to our websites or web pages which is most important.Before building a new link it is important to determine the value of the new link beforehand and that value is allocated to our websites depending upon some factors by search engines.

Link building
Link building

So I am here  to discuss about those link building factors which are essential for the website to get more and more traffics.

Incoming Link Factors :

1.Website Popularity:There are a lots of world wide popular,authorized and trusted websites.The links from those sites have high values all the time that the search engines consider.If you have a website then you surely need to gain trust and authority for your site.So frankly i would like to say that always try to build links from those trusted and globally popular websites.

2.Anchor Text: The search engines use the anchor text that we use in the link to determine the relevancy.If most of the links contain the words related to a specific topic then the website will have a high rank easily for that topic or words.So be sure that you are using some selected words that describe your topic.And avoid using the same text again and again.Remember,search engines always look for simple,normal and organic link building and will leave the lots of links with same anchor text.

3.Topic Related Websites:Yes,you need more websites to link to your own site but it doesn’t mean that you get link from the sites which are n’t related to your topic.Your website topic will able to have more value when you build incoming links from the websites which are related to your topic.Topic related incoming links from trusted sites are more valuable for your site.So you should search websites within your field when you like to build incoming links.

4.No Spam:You should be too careful when you are building links from the websites or to websites.There are a lots of spam sites.So if bi mistake you build  links from those spam sites the it will impact in a negative way on your link value and popularity.It should be trusted and authorized when you are linking to websites or build links from websites.Adult websites and gaming web sites are also considered within this group.So be careful.

5.Building Trust:All we know that every websites has trust rank which increases it’s value.So before building links it is necessary to determine the trust rank of the website from where you are building links from or to.It is said that 60% of web pages are spam.Frankly i would like to say that build links from the trusted websites so that you will able to improve the trust rank of your website.Your website will be a trusted website when it is linked to another trusted website on the web.

Though link building takes some time to achieve visible results but it is too important task to do.High quality links pointing to your website is the main key to achieve high page rank on search engine result page.


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