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Instagram finally lets you pinch-to-zoom videos and photos on iOS

Mindlessly we scroll through our Instagram feed and all of a sudden a photo or a video stops us to go for a little investigation so closely. But unfortunately we did not have the option to zoom it. That had been a big disappointment. But now no need to worry about that if you are using an iPhone or iPad. Yes, Instagram recently came up with its new update which is a pinch-to-zoom support in its iOS app. You can zoom both photos and videos when you are on your feed, any profile and the Explore tab.

instagram zoom
Instagram zoom








We must say Instagram has grown a lot in the past year or so, by introducing Instagram Stories,support for landscape and profile aspect ratios and this pinch-to-zoom option.

As usual, Android users will have to experience the nightmare for the time being, but don’t worry like they said zoom will  hit Android sometime “in the coming weeks.”.

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