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How to improve battery life on Windows

Are you worried about the battery life of Windows 8.1 machine?No need to worry about.The following tips will help you to improve battery life of your Windows 8.1 machine.

1>Software updates:Microsoft does  software updates to fix bugs and issues and bring some new features to Windows  time to time.. It’s always a good to be updated with the latest version of Windows. So that you will find your system more secured  and sometimes  improved battery life as well.

Software Update
Software Update

To know if there is any update available, go to the Charms menu by swiping from right to left on the screen or moving your mouse to the lower right corner of the screen.Next, click on Settings, select the “Change PC settings” option, followed by Updates and Recovery, and then click the “Check for updates” box.

2>Dim the display:  A ton of energy goes to the display on your laptop . It’s a better idea to dim the brightness down below half or to a level that is suitable for your eyes when you disconnect the power cord, . For that go to the Charms menu and select Settings. Then you will find the brightness options above the keyboard icon and next to the volume menu. 


Dim the display
Dim the display

If your laptop includes it, then disable the automatic brightness feature, and dim the keyboard backlight. This can be done by going to Settings, click on the “Change PC settings” option, tap on PC and Devices, followed by Display, and turn off the “Adjust my screen brightness automatically” slider.

Open the Charms menu, click on Search, type in “mobility,” and select Windows Mobility Center,when you are about to dim the keyboard backlight.

3>Tweak power settings:You will get a various power saving options inside of Windows 8.1. You can access these settings from the desktop by opening the Control Panel.Then select Hardware and Sound, and click on Power options. Then you can choose a power plan from Microsoft or you can go for your own. 

Tweak power settings
Tweak power settings

You can adjust brightness, when the display will turn off, and when the computer will go to sleep, among other things. You can go for  more customization options by clicking on the “Change advanced power settings” .

4>Turn off Bluetooth:Even if are having Bluetooth enabled then it will draw power from your computer’s battery. So you need to disable  disable the Bluetooth radio.For that  go to Settings, click on the “PC and devices” option, and select Bluetooth.

5>Disconnect any dongles:Like Bluetooth, a USB-connected device (such as a flash drive or any type of dongle) will also drain your battery.  Don’t forget to unplug dongle or device when those are not in use to prevent battery drain. Charging your smartphone or tablet via a USB port also reduce your battery life.

Disconnect Dongle
Disconnect Dongle

So follow these steps to improve battery life of  your Windows machines.


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