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How to stop WhatsApp from Auto downloading media

There are over 600 million people are using world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp and I am sure you are one of them.It also has some quirks and annoyances.You may have noticed that the media(Images,audio and videos) sent by your friends are downloaded automatically by default.If you don’t want WhatsApp to download media automatically then this will let you know how to stop WhatsApp from auto downloading media.

Stop WhatsApp From Auto downloading Media On Android:

1. Open WhatsApp on your android phone, make sure that you are on the main Chat window and then tap the Menu button (three vertical dots on the top right of the screen) and go to Settings.

2.Next tap Chat settings and then tap Media auto-download. you will get to see three options there:

WhatsApp media auto downloads
WhatsApp media auto downloads

->When using cellular data

->When connected to Wi-Fi

->When roaming

3.Now all you need to tap each option and uncheck Images, Audio and Video option to disable auto-downloads.

WhatsApp media auto downloads
WhatsApp media auto downloads

How to Stop WhatsApp from Saving Downloaded Media Files on iPhone:

Unfortunately there is no way to stop WhatsApp from auto-downloading media on your iPhone, but you can stop the app from saving the photos automatically to your Camera roll. Let’s have a look how to prevent WhatsApp from automatically doing this:

1.Open WhatsApp and then tap the Settings button at the bottom right of the screen.

2.Next simply go to Chat settings and  tap Save incoming media > Off.

In case of videos you will be asked whether you want the videos to be downloaded or not.Then you can make your convenient choice accordingly.

So this is how you will able to stop WhatsApp from auto downloading media easily.

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