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How to share custom short URLs using URL Shortener from your Android device

If I am not wrong then you must have come across some incredibly long URLs containing tons of parameters.If you don’t like those types of URLs to share among your friends from your Android device,you need to use an URL shortening service.An app named URL Shortener does good job.Plus you can control the structure of your short URL with seven choices, including lower and upper case, pronounceable, numbers only and custom using this app.The most important thing is that the app allows you to track how many times the URLs have been clicked.

Let me tell you here that you can find multiple options available in the Play Store(Google Play).

URL Shortener has a clean Material Design interface, packing plenty of options but it does not overly complicated.That’s why I love using this app.

Let’s get started:

1.To begin with download URL Shortener aap form Play Store on your android device and install it.

2.Once you are done with the installation,open the app and in the main window, you start by typing or pasting the URL you want to shorten.You will get to see an option ‘Short URL structure‘ which lets you select the formatting of your short URL. You will find various preset options available and a custom one as well.

URL shortener
URL shortener

3.Then go to Settings and  choose a preferred URL provider (six choices), and whether you want to enable tracking. But I am sorry to say a default structure cannot be set.

4.You will have two options at the time of sharing URLs:

->Copy the URL and paste it into the app selecting your desired structure, and allowing you to divert from your default URL shortening service.

However, you should be aware that according to Guiding tech,some of the providers don’t support all of these options. For example does only supports standard structure,where tinyurl does not offer statistics.

->You can share the link with the URL Shortener app (listed as Shorten URL in the menu). Here you can’t choose specific URL structures, but it will follow your default provider choice. You can copy the URL quickly, or share it through another app.

URL shortener histoyr
URL shortener histoyr

As an added bonus, you can access a History pane, where you can view all the links you’ve shortened in the past, which can be very useful if you want to re-share some of them.


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