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How to Set up HomeGroup in Windows 10

Windows has has came up with an awesome  networking service,HomeGroup which makes sharing files,musics,videos easier than before.It is a password-protected home networking service that allows you to share your files with other PCs that are currently running and connected to the same network.

Lets have a look on the steps to set up HomeGroup in Windows 10:

1. First right-click on the Start button and choose Control Panel from the pop-up menu.

2. Click HomeGroup (you have another option for searching for HomeGroup in the search)


3. Now create a new HomeGroup Clicking on Create a homegroup.


4. Then you will see a window popping up. Click Next to get started.Then Choose the types of files you like to share with the other HomeGroup members like Pictures, Videos, Music, Documents and Printers & Devices. You also have an option to set different sharing levels for each type of file. Hit Next to continue.

5. Next you will get new HomeGroup’s password.Keep this password because you will need this password when you want to add devices to your HomeGroup  .


5.You can also change the auto generated password.Open the HomeGroup settings menu (Control Panel > HomeGroup) and click Change the password…


6. You can also allow othere devices in your HomeGroup to play and stream your media files. You will need to open the HomeGroup settings menu (Control Panel >HomeGroup) and click Allow all devices on this network such as TVs and game consoles to play my shared content.


A list of the devices on your local network will be shown and you only have to check the boxes next to them to see and stream your media files (uncheck the boxes to block them).

Ain’t it easy to set up HomeGroup in Windows 10?So set it up and enjoy sharing files and media quickly.

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