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How to Remove Backgrounds from Photos without Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a vast thing to get into.It has tools such as background eraser and an extract filter that erase complicated background images from digital photographs easily.But not all of us are familiar with Photoshop.Now you can do the same thing without Photoshop.

Remove photo backgrounds

Remove Backgrounds from Photos:

There is a online photo editor available,FotoFlexer.You just upload your picture to it and open the Geek tab. You will get to find an intelligent tool called “Smart Scissors” which works much like Photoshop’s Magnetic Lasso selection tool.

cut background imageerase-backgrounds

Next draw a rough boundary around your image that you want to separate from the unwanted background and then that “Smart Scissors” magically snaps the curves to the nearest edge.Once you become happy with the selection, click “Create Cutout” and you’re done with erasing background from the photo.

You can save the output in JPGs or a PNG formats.It maintains the transparency as well.

Enjoy the FotoFlexer and let us know what else interesting features it has.


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