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How to Optimize Image for Search Engine Traffic


Image optimization for search engine traffic

Have you ever thought how to get your post image appear in google image search result ?  Ever thought it can be an efficient method to get ample amount of traffic to your blog/site ?   Well,If you are new to SEO you might not be aware of the fact that an image can get you tons of traffic from  search engine like google .

It is really important to add an image into a post but it’s more important to Optimize image for search engine.Photos can be an eye candy to an user but an unoptimized image is useless .I Have seen most of the mistakes naive bloggers do is that they don’t optimize their image . Optimizing image and getting  ranked in image search result is same as getting a web page ranked in web result in google. Optimize your image so that google sees it as a relevant content .In order to get some extra traffic from image search result you must learn how to optimize your images and luckily it’s easier than you think , once you know the drill you are good to go.And if you are using wordpress then it’s much more easier than you can imagine.


Now ,let me walk you through few things that you can do to populate your images in search result .So lets proceed ; Following are some easy ways to use the images you put in your blog post  for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes:


Steps to Optimize an image for SEO

1. Choose a right keyword :

The first and foremost step will be choosing a keyword.Choose a right keyword you want your image to rank for.Doing this may take sometime,but it’s worth doing it .Below are the three step you must follow while choosing a keyword  :

a) Research:Choose some keywords that you think are descriptive of your image and conduct lil research on it .

b) Evaluate :After researching  and collecting bunch of keywords put them in Google Adword keyword ExternalTool and evaluate them to see which keywords are worth going for by checking their search volume and their competition level.

c) Take decision : Decide which keyword you want to go for,choose a keyword with moderate traffic and if possible go for a less competitive keyword.

2. Optimization begins with an appropriate name :

Always use a proper name for the image file . If the image has been saved as “xyz.jpg” that doesn’t mean you will use the image with the same name.Search engine will have no idea what exactly the image contains if you use it with “xyz.jpg” name.So always distinguish it with appropriate name.If  your post is about “generating free backlinks” then try and give that image name something like “generate-free-backlinks.jpg” .

3.  Always use Alt-text : 

When you see a an image ; for instance if you see an image of angelina jolie you could easily recognize the person in image is  angelina jolie.But what about the search engine bots ? They are not made for instant recognition(as of now) ,rather you have to help them to identify an image by using an alt text.An alt text is basically helps search engine bots (spiders) help to recognise the images. So always  use a proper alt text related to your keyword.

If you are on wordpress you can easily add alt text.First of all  upload an image using the “Add Image” function then in the “Alternative Text” field add your ‘alt text’  ,again using your required keywords. Have a look on the image below


Image optimization for search engine result
Image optimization in WordPress

4 . Use Caption :  

Caption also plays an important role in image optimization.Try to place the right keyword you are trying to Optimize image for search engine at the front of the caption.

5. Always use title attribute : 

Title is the one which comes up when a user hover a cursor on image.Fill in the title information ,again using the relevant keyword.If you are on wordpress it’s just above the alt text box.Just put in a catchy title and you are good to go .

6. Not to forget the image size :  

You might be knowing the page load time matters for SEO .So,One more point you must consider while optimizing image for search engine is that the file size and dimension of the image.If the size of an image is reasonably good than it does better in search engine . You don’t have to  use a high pixel size image always.An image more than 100×100 and less than 1200×1200 would work best for the image optimization.With some free tools like Image optimizer and picnik  you can always optimize your images online.


So if you spend hours to create a post don’t miss out the chance to optimize an image to taste some extra traffic.The above given step will hardly take few minutes , so go for it . SEO is merely a common sense , just think of what people would search on google , bing or any of there favourite search engine which will lead them to their desired post and use those keywords for your image.

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