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How to Find and Remove Broken Links from WordPress Blog

If you have landed on this post then I am sure you are aware of how broken links adversely affect your blog’s SEO. If you are having hard time in finding broken links of your blog or website then you have come to the right place . If you are a naive blogger then first you must learn what exactly these broken links are and how it can affect your blog?

So What are Broken Links ?

Broken links are those links which doesn’t exist in your website/blog. When user clicks on a link in your website or blog and land on a page which doesn’t have any existence and shows  an error code of 404 (That’s error code of page which doesn’t exist) are called broken links. They are really bad for search engine ranking , it may affect your site to some extent . So , it’s always better to find and remove broken links . Broken links increase the bounce rate of blog/website which is obviously not good for search engine , it affects the ranking of your site.

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How to Find and Remove Broken links ?

We will mainly focus on wordpress blogs. Though there are several online sites which might help you find and remove broken links from your website or blog , but here we will talk about the specific wordpress plugin called Broken Link Checker which finds and removes broken links from wordpress blogs. But still if you want to check some of the online broken link checkers then following are the list some website which may help you do the work.

1. W3C link Checker

2. Broken Link Check

3. iWebtool broken link checker

4. 1Hit link checker

5. WebToolHub


If you find the above sites good then you can go with them but if you want to go for long term process with ease of use for finding broken links then I would recommend you to go for the plugin I mentioned above . Why Am i suggesting the plugin ? Let’s see some of it’s feature to see it’s effectiveness .

Features of Broken Link Checker

  • Check all posts, pages,comments, blogroll,pending comments even in spam.
  • Detects all the broken links, images , redirect links etc.
  • Broken link notification through WordPress dashboard or by Email.
  • Works in background in real time.
  • Blocks search engine from following broken links
  • Searches and and filters links by URL, Anchor text etc
  • The broken links can be  fixed directly from the plugin’s page.

Above are some the useful feature of Broken Link checker plugin which makes it more flexible to use than the link checker available online.

If you have come reading this far then I am sure you must be having a wordpress blog 😉  . Anyway so let’s move ahead and install and Configure the Broken Link Checker Plugin .

Install and Configure Broken Link Checker



Get it from Here : Broken Link Checker .

  • After downloading it upload the folder in your plugin directory  Or to install this plugin from dashboard Go to your WordPress Dashboard click on Plugins> Add New > Search ‘Broken Link Checker’ >Click on ‘Install Now’ and then Activate the plugin. And you are done . 🙂
  • After Installing and activating it Go to it’s setting page by clicking on Settings > Link Checker .
  • In GENERAL tab : Check the options according to your requirement  .For instance : If you want the report to be emailed to your inbox then you can check the box given for the email notification. Also you must check the option which says “Stop search engines from following broken links” this is a must as you don’t want to lose you ranking from search engine . Other settings can be set as default . Check the image belowbroken link checker
  • In all other tab you can set everything as default until and unless you desire for the change.
  • Save the settings when you done  selecting and choosing the options you want.broken link checker itechcrazy
  • Now let it run in a background , it may take a while or may be some hours or so to find broken and redirect links , it’s totally depend on your website size. So have Patience and Keep Waiting .
  • After sometime it will start showing your broken links . Check the picture belowbroken link checker
  • To check and fix your broken links go to the broken link settings page by clicking on Tools > Broken Links in your DashBoard. You will find all the broken links and all your redirects  with the option to Unlink , Not Broken and Edit URL. You may choose as per your requirement . If you find the link is not broken, you can select ‘Not broken’ option , Like wise you can Unlink the URL which you think is broken . See the below Imag
  • Broken links checker settings pageNow you can select multiple links and apply bulk action on them. If you have ever changed your domain or if you have migrated from blogspot blog then this plugin is highly recommended for you . This will not only find all the broken links from your changed domain or  blogspot blog but it will fix all the redirects caused due to change in domain or migration of platform.


Hope this post going to help you find and remove broken links from your WordPress blog. Let us know what kind of method or plugin or any specific tool do you use to find the broken links on your site ?  and your experience with them ?

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