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How to easily Create an Android App for Your Blog – Free Blog Apps

Gone are the days when you need to have a knowledge of coding/programming language to create a Mobile App ,Now you can create an app for your blog without having the knowledge of coding . How ? there are numerous site on internet which allow us to create a free app for our website or blog . If you are one of those who want to promote their site and get extra exposure by creating an app then you have come to the right place . I will tell you how you can create a Free Android App for your Website or Blog without having any prior knowledge of coding and without spending a single penny . Free Blog Apps is one of the site where you can create an Android App for blog . It works very well for wordpress , feedburner and as site claims it literally create an App in less than 3 min. So don’t wait and get an dedicated app created for your Blog and reach you audience to the maximum level . Keep them updated through your app .


How to Create an Android App for Blog 



The Only thing you required to create this app is your blog’s rss feed url .

Step 1 : Go to Free  Blog apps  and Enter your blog’s RSS feed url in the box provided and Hit Next .

free blog apps

Step 2 : Customize your App providing the details about the app you want to create like Name of the app, Blog Category, Email , twitter User Name and all that Stuff . After Finishing all this details Accept  their Terms of Use and Hit Finish. See the image below.

Customize and adnroid App Free Blog App Maker

Step 3 :  You are done . You have just now created an app for your blog . Just distribute your app through Android Market through Social Share or by Any mean you can .  Following are the ways you or others can download your blog app .

I. Direct download through download link

II. Direct download of App’s apk file

III. Downloading through Barcode . To make this work you will need a barcode reader/Scanner which can read QR code

See the picture Below to get the details about the Download Instruction .

iTechCrazy App Free Download

Hope It will helped some of you who wanted to create an app for their blog but couldn’t make it due to lack of programming language . I will post some more website to Create an app for other platform Like Symbian and iOS. So stay Tuned .

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  1. Android is the phone whose market is day after day increasing. People are using the phone with android OS because it is too cheaper and provide the great stability to user of this..Thanks!!

    • Yeah i agree with you 🙂 ..Even i am using an android phone 😀 😉

      • Sunil Kumar

        Creating your Android app for your blog is really helpful.

        I tried to create an app for my blogging site on my Android phone

        On opening the only a dark page opens, the image shown in your article does not open.

        There is no place to enter my RSS is not appearing.

        How to solve this problem

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