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How to add an emoji keyboard to Chrome on Windows

A tweet or a wall post on Facebook is catchy when you add some emojis to it from a mobile device.You just express your emotions or state of your mind through emojis or it may be random funny .

That’s what you want on your desktop while tweeting,posting or messaging.Well Emoji Keyboard for Chrome now let you  add emojis to the messages you share on the Web.

Add an emoji keyboard to Chrome on Windows:

1.Download and install  Emoji Keyboard extension for Chrome.


2.Next in the Chrome toolbar click on the Emoji Keyboard button, then type your message and add emojis. Copy the text when you are done.

3.And finally paste your text and emojis into the Web-versions of social media. The emojis will be translated  to colorful versions from outlined.

So which emojis you use most?

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