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How to Email just the text of articles to yourself (or others) with Fetch

The app about which I am going to tell is something what will help those busy people who don’t have enough time to read a article or get information from a website at sudden.The app named Fetch is developed by Andy Jiang.

Here’s a handy email to add to your contacts list:

If you are surfing internet and come across an important article and due to a hectic busy life you can’t read that time then this app will help you to read that later.All you need to email the link of that page to the email mentioned above and then you will get the text of the article in your inbox.It also has the facility to add others in the email in via the To: or Cc: fields, but except you others will get two emails — one from you with the link and another from Fetch with the text.



If you already have used  Instapaper or Readability without needing to use a separate app then it is like those apps..

Keep in mind that if you have an email signature with a link in it, then Fetch may get confused and might send you the text from that link instead of your intended link.

So use Fetch and don’t even miss a single article you like.

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