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How to create a Wood texture effect in Photoshop

Wood texture effect:

All we are familiar with Photoshop.Today I am going to tell you about wood texture effect.Creating wood texture effect is very easy and less time taking.The fibers filter is only need to create a wood texture effect.

Have a look:

Step-1:First of all open a new Photoshop document.Let the size is 640 x 480 dimensions. The foreground should be light brown color and a dark brown color for the background. Here, #8a6338 is used for the foreground and #5f3912 is used for the background, but you can use whatever colors you wish,it depends on you.

Wood texture
Wood texture

Step-2: Now select Filter > Render > Fibers and add the following settings below:

Wood texture
Wood texture

             Here I have selected 30 for the variance and 8 for the strength.

Step-3: Adjust the hue/saturation if you don’t like the color of your wood texture.For that go to  Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Then adjust the saturation texture as you like.

Wood texture
Wood texture

That’s it.Now you are done with wood texture effect.

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