Thursday , October 19 2017
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This category will allow you to learn more and more tricks , tips and tweaks about computer,hacking,photoshop,browser tricks and many more .

How to share custom short URLs using URL Shortener from your Android device

If I am not wrong then you must have come across some incredibly long URLs containing tons of parameters.If you don’t like those types of URLs to share among your friends from your Android device,you need to use an URL shortening service.An app named URL Shortener does good job.Plus you …

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Get idea about your Social Media Image Sizes(infographic)

Now-a-days social media plays a vital role in marketing,branding all kind of business.You may be one of those are marketing their business through different social media channels.So you need to be professional to get positive response from social media.Images in social media with correct size for each platform maintain their clarity …

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