Thursday , October 19 2017
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How to play hidden basketball in Facebook messenger

Are you surrounded with boring friends on Facebook?Don’t worry,the latest update to its iOS messenger and android messenger brings you a hidden basketball game.In change log Facebook mentioned  “Shoot Some Hoops: Want to see what’s hiding behind the basketball emoji in Messenger? Just send one and tap to find out!”. …

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Google Maps Will Now Show Cab Services On Android Devices

Google announced an update for its Google Maps on Tuesday.It has come with the feature that will allow you to get the right information for cab services—in addition to the existing driving, public transport, or walking options you’re familiar with.Let me tell you the app until date had only Uber …

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How to share custom short URLs using URL Shortener from your Android device

If I am not wrong then you must have come across some incredibly long URLs containing tons of parameters.If you don’t like those types of URLs to share among your friends from your Android device,you need to use an URL shortening service.An app named URL Shortener does good job.Plus you …

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How to stop WhatsApp from Auto downloading media

There are over 600 million people are using world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp and I am sure you are one of them.It also has some quirks and annoyances.You may have noticed that the media(Images,audio and videos) sent by your friends are downloaded automatically by default.If you don’t want WhatsApp …

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