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7 Tips To Write Awesome “HOW TO” Posts

Most of the people searches something by writing “How to” at the starting of their search phrase for e.g “How to install VLC player”.The “How to” posts are very popular now-a-days.It is so because if we search any “How to” post then we get the result easily as we don’t have enough time to read a long paragraph or an article.The post should be in simple English and satisfy people with the exact points what they search for.Here I am going to give some tips that will help you to write good “How to” posts.

How-to searches
How-to searches

7 Tips For “How to” Posts:

 1. Get smart: Before giving your knowledge to others about something you must have an experiment on that topic.Select a niche matter which should be your passion and you should have the capability to digest all the information about that matter.Once you selected your niche you can explore it in different “How to” topics easily.

Suppose you have a passion in bake then you can use this niche in “How to” posts like How to bake a bread and serve it,How to bake eggs tarts and cake etc.Once you become a master in recipe knowledge then you just try give some tips related to recipe like How to make juice or how to select perfect tomato for soup.Always think different and outside the box.

2. Write It Down: Write it down what you have collected about any matter or subject. If you don’t write then no one can read it.So start writing down.It is most important ti get the information and facts down about that subject.

At the beginning you may have to face some problems in writing but after some days you will able write in your own ways without facing any difficulties.Don’t forget that “Practice makes a man perfect”.So keep writing and writing.

3.Keep It Simple:“Simplicity is the key to brilliance”,it’s the main key to get succeed.Keep your information in the post simple and easy because we already know that 27% of people in this world speak English clearly.So that the people feel great to read the article and follow that instruction you have given.When people will follow your words after reading the article then you will know that the article is a successful How-to article.Though most of the teenagers and children are using internet most of the time so try to make your article quite interesting and easier for them.

4. Introduce Your Topic:We already know that “First impression last long”.So before writing an article about something give a perfect introduction to the topic so that users feel good to read the article with all their interests and always type your site whenever they have to get some information about something.Introduction should be simple and easy to understand for users.Good and simple introduction might be a reason why users read the whole article at sudden.

5.Add a Conclusion:Conclusion has two benefits.Now a days all the users are too busy in their work and they don’t have enough time to read the whole article at the same time they like to read the conclusion only for the summaries of the information.Secondly a good conclusion can encourage users to follow the instruction you have given.

6.Proof Read:You should avoid spelling mistake and improper sentence because no one like to take instruction from someone who does spelling mistake and doesn’t write a sentence correctly.So check the article twice or thrice before publishing it to whole world.Except spelling mistake and grammatical errors your article should capable enough to clear all the confusion or doubt of the users.I would like to suggest you to take 2 to 3 hours to write an article and recheck it after completion.And you can tell your friend to read the article too for checking it.

7.Rinse And Repeat:The more you will write the more you will be experienced in writing articles.So be regular and make a perfect schedule. Post as many How-to articles as you can to gain an exponential increase in readership.This may take some time but at the end your efforts will pay off you back.

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