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10 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques To Make Your Website Popular

When you create a website or blog then you always want to see your website or blog having high page rank.When internet user miss your website while they are searching for some product which you offer then you become worry about.Isn’t it?You can spend a lots of money on your website or blog but that doesn’t matter.It is only possible by Search engine optimization(SEO).If SEO works perfectly then there is no one to stop your website to get high page rank.


So have a look on some SEO tips and tricks:

1. Commit yourself to the process:SEO needs long term commitment.If you stop it after doing once or twice it doesn’t work.SEO algorithm changes year to year.So you have to change yourself accordingly.

2. Ask a lot of questions when hiring an SEO company:The company uses different strategies and you should know the types of strategy it use.If you have some doubt the ask them.If you are not satisfied with the answer then search it on internet.Try to solve the risks if arise.

3. Become a student of SEO:If you want to do it by yourself then be a master in SEO.And for that be a student of SEO.There are a lots of websites available to learn.You can learn it from searchengineland.

4. Have web analytics in place at the start:Before starting it mention your aim or goal.So web analytics softare is too important for you to that you will able to know what’s working or what’s not.Here is a list of different web analytics software.You can use waht you like.

 5. Do keyword research at the start of the project:Keyword research is the first step to do.Choose a perfect keyword for each article or post.You can get the help of Google’s AdWords keyword tool.You can buy some other strong software as well.

6. Use a unique and relevant title and meta description on every page:The title of the page is too necessary for SEO.Title should be unique and eye catching.So that whenever an user searches something he like to go to your site.It is good to place keyword in title.Meta description is viewed below the title tags when user searches for something.That’s why it is important though it doesn’t help us to get page rank.

 7.Create great, unique content:Content is most valuable part of the page.It should be original and valuable rather than duplicate..Write about your own product or services by using strong keywords.Whenever you write something then write it for the users first.A good content can help you to rank.

8. Use your keywords as anchor text when linking internally:After choosing keywords use it in anchor text in content.Anchor text tells what the linked page is about.

9.Build links intelligently:Link building is most important for SEO.Seek links from authority sites like Yahoo,Google.Use social media marketing.There are a lots of social media marketing sites like Facebook,Twitter,Digg,Stumbleupon.Share your posts there.Release your post weekly on trusted media websites by online. patient:The main thing is that you should have a lots of patience.If you want the result at instant then you are wrong.SEO is not a quick process to give you result.It may take sometimes.So if you wait with patience then you will get good result for sure.

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